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Our internal and external comps

About our internal club competitions
Our internal competitions are open to all playing members, except the Non Winners Singles which has specific entry requirements. Competitions played over 15 or 18 ends will have extra ends if the scores are tied.

With the exception of the Syd Allen and John Crock Trophy, competitions are not played on set dates - it's up to the challenger to arrange the game, and offer 3 dates to his/her opponent, within 2 days of the closing date of the last round.

Men's / Ladies' Singles Championship (Eastwood Cup/ Cowal Shield)
A 4 bowls singles competition. The winner is the first player to 21 shots.
The Championship winners automatically qualify for the following season's Sussex County Champion of Champions and Mid-Sussex Champion of Champions competitions if they wish to enter. If they wish to enter the National Champion of Champions competition the club pays the entry fee.

Mixed Plate Competition (The Plate)
All first game losers from either the preliminary round or the first round of the Singles Championship will automatically be entered into a mixed Plate competition. The draw for the Plate will be undertaken at one of the Friday roll up evenings following the completion of the preliminary and first round matches. This is played in a sets format.

Non Winners Greenfield Cup
This 4 bowls singles competition is open to any member who has NOT won a Buxted Bowls competition, not including the John Crock Trophy. The winner is the first player to 21 shots.

Handicap Founders Cup
A 4 bowls singles competition. The winner is the first to 21 shots. Handicaps are agreed by 3 members of the club committee. The player with the highest handicap starts on 0, the opponent on the difference between the handicaps.

Points Dive Trophy
This is another type of 4 bowls singles. The four nearest bowls to the jack count on each end: the nearest scores 4 points, the second 3 points, third is 2 points and the fourth 1 point. The first player to score 100 points wins.

Yardstick (Bubbles Wickham)
A 4 bowls singles where every bowl within a yard of the jack scores a point. The player with the most points after 15 ends wins.

Drawn 4 Wood Pairs (Crozier Cup)
Drawn seeded pairs, the winners being the team with the highest score after 18 ends.

Drawn 2 Wood Pairs (Everest Cup)
Drawn pairs, the winners being the team with the highest score after 18 ends.

Australian Mixed Pairs (Court Rose Bowl)
A mixed pairs of choice, played in a 2 - 4 - 2 format, the winners being the team with the highest
score after 18 ends.

Syd Allen Trophy
A quick, 2 wood knockout singles played to 15 ends on a set day (see fixtures list) up to and
including the semi-finals.

John Crock Trophy Drawn Triples Fun Day
A drawn triples ‘round robin’ played to the conclusion on a set day, as per fixtures list.


External Competitions
These are quite varied, with some being club entries, while others are for individual players or teams to enter.

Top Club (Multi discipline team event) is entered by the club for the Ladies' or Men’s section.

Double Rink, where one rink plays at home, the other away, against the same opponent at the same time, and the scores are added together. These are entered by the club.
Champion of Champions, Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours are all entered by the players themselves.

Gladys/Edward Rowland
Two prestigious competitions, covering Mid Sussex. These are entered by the club with usually two rinks teams each of Ladies/Men.

Tom Francis
A mixed Double Rink competition on Sunday mornings run by the Mid Sussex League. Club entry.

Mid Sussex League (includes Spriggs)
These games are played on Tuesday evenings throughout June, July and early August. The format is 3 mixed rinks, scoring 2 points for each winning rink and 4 for the overall score.

Nicholas Soames League
This Australian Pairs is played on Monday evenings, with scoring similar to the Mid Sussex League.
The team must comprise 3 men and 3 ladies, paired in any combination.